Elysse was born on August 8, 1953 in the famous city of Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Romania. Sibiu is The City of Literature. In 1997 was voted by the European Union The Capital of European Culture. Elysse left from behind the iron curtains at age 26, during the cold war. She experienced life in (former West) Germany, then in a UN refugee camp near Vienna, Austria, from where in 1981 she was rescued by Canada. In her 29 years of Canadian life Elysse concentrated on communications. The Award Winning Canadian author dedicated her books to humanity. Her literary work encompasses great dramatic and satiric stories and poetry, variety fit for all ages. Elysse's artistic courtesy incorporates global taste. She resides with her husband/publisher in the Region of Waterloo, The Technology Triangle of Canada.

Visit: www.canada.ca - (Elysse's famous country).
www.sibiu.ro - (The author's beautiful birth city).
www.waterloo.ca (and) www.kitchener.ca - (residence)
www.stratfordfestival.ca - (Shakespeare Festival, a must visit).


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