I'm young,
I'm old,
I'm ICE!
My wings are made of cosmic gold ...
Is this enough for your desire?

I'm used to risk!
I have tasted suspense!
I know the meaning of defense!
I live life's moments through impulse,
I know the rules!


From time to time I'll dare to dive
For thoughts that swim in every dream
That I receive
Between mysterious range hertz
Indicative of reverie
Access to the memory
And the smart lucidity
Of time ...

My dear friends,
I do believe that I do hold
The pen of gold.

I'm in the world, yet not of it,
Intrigued a bit by its paranoia,
Oh, friends, my dears ...
Now, I'll dispense of life's euphoria ...
Aaah ... I feel delta's ultra slow
momentum, clearing my mind ...
I tricked myself once more ... I'm fine
I am asleep ...

Eternity, my great romance,
Please love me ...
Give me one more chance
To dance embraced by human passions,
To dress in vails of cosmic fashions,
To see how men around the globe
React to my poetic probe ...
To see the global children saved,
The global streets, in golden paved ...

Then, with a King of Northern Lights
To spend just three more magic nights ...
To dream,
To dance,
To laugh,
To chat,
Before I will return to GOD.

It will happen!
I'm just making you aware
Of cosmic changes in the air.
We will continue to be human
Without so much despair.

Love will prevail!

Blending knowledge on the globe,
Freedom, peace, love, and hope.

That fine Fire will make us cry ...
We will be washed of all the old,
And cosmic new will take its place!

A new faze in our cosmic/human life
Started to take place.

I am with you in harmony,
I understand the hierarchy,
The change of guard.

In the mean time, our job is to stay loved,
To love others, to be good,
To respect, to live "It All."
To shine as humans and remember
That we are part of The Divine!

We are Forever Loved.

Powerful robe ...
Lose it, Sir!
Tall glasses ...
Fill them with passion!
Soft bed ...
Dress it in Egyptian fashions!

With the first Canadian Royal Yacht, Sir,
I'll be right there! My honourable target,
You, King of the World ...

Wait for me behind your sword!
Sir! I know, you do afford
The game of love ...

Kiss me when the Moon will hide,
Hold me! Sir ... Caress my mind,
Adore me all ...

Forget the Roman protocol!
Tonight is nothing to explore, but love ...

My lips are yours to kiss all night,
My body idol to your eyes,
The fire yours! My King, the wise,
Until the Sun of your ardour will rise.

The cosmic cause will be your muse,
By heavens you will be excused
For hunting love between the stars,
For setting fire to them all!

My people need me! I cannot fail them!
That's why, my Honourable King,
I used my crown, love, and perfumes,
To get to you ...

Dear King,
King of The World, Caesar ...
I offer you the trust of my mind
And my entire being ...
Let's become one,
You and I,
Legendary power and love,
Sir ...

It's night on Earth and once again
Love wrapped us in its mystic chain,
We'll dream again of global peace
Romance in New-York ... or Paris ...
Our love, that we cannot explain ...

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