Klaus D. Emrich - Fictively, In my poetry I portrayed him as The King of Discipline. In reality, he is my greatest supporter, my elegant husband I deeply love.
Mrs. Ana Berengea was one of my greatest teachers. She loved me, made me number one in my class, saved my life, and hired me as the baby-sitter for her baby girl, Liliana. She even gave me private cooking lessons and trusted me to cook for her family. Secretly, when Liliana was sleeping, I would try Mrs. Berengea's high hill shoes, her tight skirts and her pearls.
Prof. Iosif Nagy was national champion (disk). He was very kind to me and he trained me physically in the most professional fashion. He was the head of my class diriginte, a very loving gentleman. He would ride his sport bike to school every day, 15 km one way, from the City of Bistrita to Petris (Cetate), the little town where I grew up.
Prof. Elena Marginean just knew that I was to become a writer. From day one I was her darling and honour student. I will forever love her for her infinite trust and encouragement.
Liceul de Arte and Liceul Pedagogic, in the City of Arad, Romania.
Zahu Ioan
, Director, Prof. Fine Arts & Music, ARAD. Tenor,gold in Vienna, champion (box heavy categ.). My mentor, supporter, my savior. I did immortalize him in my literary art.
Munteanu Ionel, Genius, artist, sculptor, master, professor, diriginte to my class, incredible inspiration to generations of students, friend to infinite numbers of artists. His opera is part of art history and collections/exhibits of the world. Since 1981 he resides in California with his wife, Marinela, and their two children. Over the years we kept in touch through correspondence and phone conversations. His voice alone is that of an angel. In ARTS he was my greatest and favourite professor. In our private life he is a very special friend with whom I had the privilege to connect. Divinity does exist.

  Above, professors who not only inspired me, but helped me. Very
intelligent, talented personalities. Mrs. Lipnitzki (Physics) and Mrs.
Lucas (Mathematics) from Liceul Medie III (Virful cu Dor), were
also my favorites. Extraordinary professors who loved helping me.


  Angela and Magdalena, my beautiful best friends.
With Angela I shared the same bench, while with
Magdalena I shared my appetite for ice-cream.

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